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We wouldn’t expect anyone to self-diagnose an illness or allow a doctor to operate on you without doing a checkup or MRI first, so why do it to your own business?

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Facilitated Discovery Session

Discovery is the phase we recommended before we kick off a project. It helps to surface insights, gain clarity and align the goals of the website with the needs of your users. 

It consists of exercises such as defining business goals and KPI’s, creating user profiles, creating a position statement, understand what a successful outcome would be — right through to mapping the customer journey. These exercises allow us to define the creative scope and create a more accurate brief.


Positioning is the heart of your business with the mind of the consumer. It’s how you want your brand to be perceived in the eyes of your customers and competitors.

We’ll help you find and leverage the competitive advantage by defining who you are, what you offer and how you do it better than your competitors. Do you want to be perceived as the market leaders in the eyes of your customers?

User Profiles & Journeys

From customer segmentation to user profiles, this data helps piece together who they are, how they interact with a brand which help predict pain points providing valuable insight into functionality and usability. These users provide an aerial view of information about your consumers and will prevent false assumptions. We can then map out scenarios of all touch points between a user and a product on how they communicate with your brand across different channels.

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Customer Segmentation

Customer segmentation is an activity by dividing a large spectrum of consumers or business markets into sub-groups of consumers based on shared characteristics. This allows us to discover and identify customer needs and potential for growth. When we examine the behaviours, motivations, desires and frustrations of specific groups within a target market, we’re able to identify and turn their needs into a competitive advantage.

Brand Attributes

Brand Attributes are the core characteristics that define the intrinsic and extrinsic nature of a brand and represent the essence of the brand. They are the set of unique fundamentals and characteristics that reveal everything from your personality, functionality — to your company mission.

Attributes are what allow us to identify brands.

Competitive Audit Report

Our competitive audit reports help track where your top competitors are and what makes them more visible online. We use technology to discover what’s trending, what hashtags are popular, what time and day is best to post on social media to generate maximum engagement — right through to identifying precisely what is working for your competitors and what is not. This will save you time and money by implementing the best marketing strategies giving you a competitive edge in your industry.

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Value Proposition

A value proposition is a promise of value to the customer and how it will be communicated, delivered and experienced. We will help craft yours which you can then apply to your business, products or services.

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