3 Benefits Of Outsourcing Social Media

Social media is the expansion of interconnectivity with people, their ideas, opinions and lives.

Companies who believe that social media is a waste of their time and resource run the risk of disconnecting themselves with their true advocates. After all, business exists to facilitate the identified needs of people and social media is a platform for people to express those needs. If you’re there to join in with that conversation, maybe you will be able to facilitate that need. The best kind of business is open, honest and interacts with its customers wherever they chose to converse.

So. Should I outsource social media?

Well, that depends. Social media is undoubtedly a great tool for the development of many businesses; it can however be resource heavy. Now for larger organisations this isn’t usually an issue, with the investment of internal training and consultation many things can be done in house. For SME’s however the thought of taking on a full time member of staff to maintain, grow and respond to clients on social media can be daunting and one that is sometimes difficult to justify. Many SME’s would like to participate in the online conversation but simply cannot afford to, the social media accounts are then typically given to a multitude of random members of staff, who have little time or training on the subject. They gain little to no traction and the platforms are then devalued, the cycle then repeats itself on a downward spiral.

This is also before we take into account the requirement of generating unique content for use with all of your digital marketing efforts including social media channels (Yes, even in todays avalanche of content, content itself is still king – for now!). The importance of content is perhaps the subject of a more in depth article, so I will leave it out of the equation here. For now, I would like to open your mind to the benefits of outsourcing your social media efforts.

3 benefits of outsourcing your social media


By far the most valuable non-renewable resource we have, our time in the day is truly finite and we must ensure that we make the most out of every moment. Outsourcing will of course ensure that you can spend time working on things that truly matter to you. Perhaps you’ll spend the time converting those leads into sales, improving that almost perfect product and finally making time to finish reading Plato’s The Republic.


Typically, outsourcing social media is cheaper than hiring full time members of staff, dependent of course on whom you ask to do it and to what extent. You also have the benefit when outsourcing to cancel if you feel it isn’t providing a benefit (those pesky employees come with all kinds of employment rights!). All joking aside, on a subscription basis, it’s very easy for you to cancel. Ensuring that you always feel like you’re making the right move for your business – no one likes buyer’s remorse.


Outsourcing provides consistency. It provides consistency with how often you post, how quickly your business responds to social messages, how often it interacts with conversations surrounding your industry and more importantly, it provides a consistent tone of voice. Are you a fun brand? Are you a serious brand? Or maybe you are THE brand. Whomever you choose to be, you must be consistent with your corporate brand identity at all times and in everything that you do.

Outsourcing social media can provide a multitude of benefits and I hope that I have helped to give a brief insight into why outsourcing can create positive results. I truly believe that this service helps many SMEs to optimize their current digital marketing efforts, not just in providing a better ROI, but also in succeeding to provide the greatest level of customer service.

The African proverb that is quickly becoming our mantra sums it up perfectly for me. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”