Case Study

Rhett’s Jewellers

An all new engaging web experience for Rhett's Jewellers.

We received a creative brief from Rhett, a family owned business who were looking for a new website to sell a range of jewellery and personalised gifts, including their own range whilst offering a personal and friendly online customer experience.

The Challenge

The site needed to be mobile responsive, professional, intuitive to use and had an easy way for users to navigate. It also needed to have great UX allowing users to add products to their basket with ease and then checkout with or without registering for an online account

Our Approach

After we conducted a discovery session, we were able surface insights, identify their ideal target audience, define their brand tone of voice — right through to what elements needed to be on each page to help with conversions. This helped refine the creative brief. Once we received confirmation to proceed, we began the wireframe phase, then identified a typeface that closely resembled the brand tone of voice and a colour scheme which matched their personality.

Wireframe & Prototype

We first began wireframing various ideas and layouts for the home page, product listing and product pages to quickly see what worked and what didn’t without spending hours designing in the wrong direction. Once we we’re happy and confident with our layouts, we created a high fidelity version and presented these to the client in our Interactive Prototype software. Prototyping is important and helpful to our clients because it allows them to preview the flat image and click on various elements which link up to other designed pages giving the illusion of a real clickable website. It’s also a great way to receive feedback as a single click will allow you to enter feedback. Once everyone is happy, the client can simply sign off this page and we can move onto the next agreed page.

Responsive Web Design

With any website we have the pleasure to work on, we always develop a mobile responsive website which adapts to almost every device to ensure the best possible online experience. The majority of us, including myself browse and shop online using a device other than a desktop. Primarily a mobile. It’s therefore imperative for this project and future websites we make them intuitive to use, easy to navigate and shop whilst providing a memorable user experience.


Website coming soon.