Sometimes you just need a little help getting pointed in the right direction, with our professional marketing consultancy, you can. Often a little brainstorming and someone to bounce your ideas off is all it takes. That’s where Social Engagers comes in.

Website Audit

A website audit is a comprehensive analysis and report of how well the website in question is performing.

Find the weaknesses that your competitors may be exploiting to outrank and outperform you. Our comprehensive website audit gives you access to tangible information you can use to increase traffic, improve conversion rates and add to your marketing ROI.

Our website audit covers:

  • Usability testing report
  • SEO optimisation and analysis

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Competitor Analysis

Do you know how successful your competitors are? We'll be able to help you find out, ask us before they do.

If knowledge is power then imagine what you could do with key information on your competitor’s current marketing efforts. What kind of energy would that give your digital marketing?

Our Competitor analysis covers:

  • Company check report
  • Social media analysis
  • Website analysis
  • SWOT evaluation with future actionable steps

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Full Market Audit

A comprehensive analysis of your company’s entire micro and macro environment.

A marketing Audit identifies the influences within your market that could make for huge tactical advantages, or critical foundation shaking challenges. A very comprehensive undertaking, this is by far the largest report we produce and one that requires a particular skillset.

We have written a blog article that you my find very useful if you’re unsure as to what a marketing audit is.

Our Market Audit covers:

  • Company check report
  • Social media analysis
  • Website analysis
  • SWOT evaluation with future actionable steps
  • Political, Economical, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal factors that could influence your company or your market.

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1 on 1 Video skype consultation

Our inbound marketing consultants will review your submission to determine if a strategy call with your business will meet our quality assurance standards.

Before your call our team will conduct some back-end research and devise the most productive way to spend your strategy session.

The 1 hour strategy session will then take place via phone or Skype. We will record the entire call and send you the recording through email. You can then listen to the call at your convenience, as many times as you like.

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In house consultation

Of course we always love meeting with our clients and are more than happy to consult in-house.

Before we arrive we arrange a quick phone call to assess your requirements, so that we know how best we can make use of the day. We ask questions about what outcomes you would like to achieve and what areas you believe you may be struggling within.

As always we tailor the day and our services to meet your individual requirements. We invite you to make audio recordings throughout the session, helping you to reaffirm the information as and when required.

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