What Fonts Say About You And The Psychological Effect They Have On Users

Have you ever wondered how the typeface we choose represents the tone and personality of your brand or style of work? Typography is everywhere we look and is becoming increasingly popular amongst top brands, playing a key-role in our everyday lives. Fonts help us to navigate, make choices and subconsciously influence the way we think […]

Man frustrated with marketing audit

What is a Marketing Audit?

If you could see the greatest weaknesses within your company, would you dare to confront them? This is not just a provocative statement, many people are simply not brave enough to identify and correct fundamental flaws in their own workflows and behaviour. “But this is the way that we have always done it!” If this […]

Outsourcing social media maintenance

3 Benefits Of Outsourcing Social Media

Social media is the expansion of interconnectivity with people, their ideas, opinions and lives. Companies who believe that social media is a waste of their time and resource run the risk of disconnecting themselves with their true advocates. After all, business exists to facilitate the identified needs of people and social media is a platform […]